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This is #CoffeeWithLarry for Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

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Our topics:

1. The TEN put 8 men under the Olympic qualifying mark of 27:00.00 for Men and 30:40.00 for Women.

2. Grant Fisher won the Men’s race, and Tsigi Gebreselama won the women’s race

Grant Fisher, The Ten by Sound Running
March 16,2024, photo by Kevin Morris

3. The Diamond League starts on April 21, with the Xiamen, China meeting, and Suzhou/Shanghai on April

Mondo Duplantis, Wanda Diamond League Athletics Meeting
Herculis EBS
July 21, 2023, Monaco, photo by Kevin Morris

4. A discussion on streaming video and why it should be free, as much as possible.

5. A good piece by Jason Henderson of AW on the plethora of video options for our sport, some good, some not so good,

Luis Grijalva, The Ten by Sound Running
March 16, 2024, photo by Kevin Morris

6. The Sydney and Femke show: the battle builds to Paris for two athletes and two coaches,

7. Noah Lyles, the Clock Does Not Lie,

Noah Lyles, World Indoor Champs, Glasgow, Scotland, photo by Deji Ogeyingbo

8. A view of Athletics, update 7, Kerrs’ World Indoor Triumph in Glasgow Sparks memories of the glories and glitches of the city own Tom McKean, by Mike Rowbottom,

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