Noah Lyles is the two-time gold medalist at the World Championships in the 200 meters. Noah has also run 34 subs 20 second 200 meters in his career, which has not equaled the number run by Usain Bolt.

Noah achieved that magic number at the 2023 USATF NYC Grand Prix when he won the 200m in 19.82. This was done on June 24, 2023. Noah described it as a pretty good race, but he knows that he had to be on all cylinders firing in the 100 meters and 200 meters.

Noah Lyles, USATF New York Grand Prix
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presented by Global Athletics & Marketing Inc., photo by Kevin Morris

Lyles is the finest 200-meter racer of his generation. His turn has always been strong, but now, his start is getting better and better. His run in Paris on June 9, where he ran, from the very first step, a focused 100 meters where he caught one of the fastest sprinters in the sport, Ferdinand Omanyala, just before the finish of the 100 meters.

The night prior to the NYC Grand Prix, some media had the chance to speak with Noah Lyles after his warm-up for the NY race. Noah is more than comfortable in his own skin. He loves speaking with his fans and is creative about building the sport.

Noah Lyles getting interviewed, NYC Grand Prix, photo by Kevin Morris

Noah Lyles has plans for the World Champs, winning the 100 meters, 200 meters and competing on the relay. At the USATF Champs this weekend, Noah Lyles will be running the 100 meters, which he wants to win.

Noah Lyles, NyC Grand Prix, Photo by Kevin Morris

In this ten-minute interview, RunBlogRun and some of our media friends spoke with Noah about his current fitness, his dreams for 2023 and beyond, and his love of the sport.

This was a fun interview, and we think the pre-event presser makes a lot of sense. The event was organized by USATF.

Special thanks to Mike Deering on the production of the interview, which was recorded at Icahn Stadium.