Grant Holloway defends his gold with a new CR!

Grant Holloway has not been defeated at the indoor hurdles since March 18, 2014.

In Glasgow, Grant opened with 7.44 in the heats and 7.32 in the semi-final.

The 60 meter hurdles are always a most intriguing race in championships. Sixty meters long with six high hurdles, this race is scary in its opportunities to make a normal human hurt very bad.

The ability to sprint and hurdle takes years to perfect. Grant Holloway always gives credit to his team in Gainesville for building him up over the past eight years.

In Glasgow, Grant Holloway wanted to get in a few rounds (he did), defend his title (he did), and run fast (he did).

The 7.44, then, the 7.32, and finally, the 7.29 is, well, Hollowayesque! No one else is hurdling at this level in the world!

Grant Holloway, 60m hurdles, photo 1 by Martin Bateman

In the final, Grant Holloway went out hard and was in the lead by the first hurdle, and no one was near him for hurdles 2, hurdle 3, hurdle 4, hurdle 5, and 6, then sprinted to the finish. Grant goes 7.29, equaling the Championship record! Lorenzo Simonelli, ITA, takes silver in 7.43 NR, and Just Kwaou-Mathey, FRA, one of the fantastic French sprint hurdlers, takes the bronze in 7.47!

Grant Holloway, 60m hurdles, photo 2 by Martin Bateman

After his win, Grant Holloway noted: “This morning was a little bit of a shake-up, but to come out of here and go sub-7.3 is a good time. I’m happy to defend my title, and let’s see how the rest of the year plays out – I’m looking forward to it. I had good fun out here and achieved what I wanted to. It wasn’t a record, but that’s OK. I know I’m in good shape for the summer. It was my fifth-world title, so I’m happy to keep racking them up. I’m in great shape and be ready to hit it again.”

Grant Holloway, 60m hurdles, photo 5 by Martin Bateman

The American hurdler had told me early in the season, in Boston, that he needed to get a clean start, and he would be able to run 7.32-7.33. He must now focus on the US Olympic Trials and some unfinished business in Paris in August 2024.

A few more superlatives for Grant Holloway. This was his 75th straight win indoors over 60-meter hurdles. Grant Holloway told the media way back in early February in Boston that he wanted: “two rounds in Boston, two rounds in Lieven, then USATF Indoors, and then Glasgow.” Grant Holloway not only defended his title but also equaled the Championship record.

Now, onto the outdoor season.