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This is Coffee with Larry for Tuesday, July 4, 2023.
Happy Independence Day.
These are our topics today!
1. AJC Atlanta Peachtree Road Race was the biggest 10k in world.
2. Three men at 27:43 in AJC Peachtree.
3. Leader took a wrong turn, in women’s 10k, leader ended up third.
4. Stockholm DL had a security issue.
5. Somehow, protesters evaded security (was there security?) and disrupted Mens’ 400m hurdles race.
6. This makes one question the safety of athletes in the Diamond League.
7. Noah Lyles brought up security issues in NYC the week before.
8. Heading off to USATF Champs in Eugene, Oregon, which begins July 6-9, 2023.
9. Nigerian Trials coming up, Deji Ogeyingbo will cover for RunBlogRun.
10. Justin Lagat will provide us thoughts on the Kenyan Trials.
11. Stuart Weir will provide us deep thoughts on the British Trials.
12. David Hunter will do daily columns at USATF Champs.
13. Sam Fariss will be doing a daily column on the USATF champs.
See you then!