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This is Coffee with Larry for Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

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Our topics today:

1. The Women’s 5000-meter event was tremendous, with .02 separating Elle St. Pierre and Elise Cranny! Karisa Schweizer took third, and gutty Parker Valby, 4th and lead from start to 4200 meters, got Olympic standard.

Two hundredths of a second seperated Elise Cranny and Elle St. Pierre in the 5,000m final! photo by Chuck Aragon, for RunBlogRun

2. Vashti Cunningham had to fight to make the Women’s HJ, including a jump-off, with Vashti, who has won 13 titles, taking third. Charity Huffnagel soared 1.94m PB, 6-4.25, and Rachel Glenn cleared 1.94m!

Vashti Cunningham, June 24, 2024, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

3. Jeremiah Davis’s 8.20 m long jump, Malcom Clemons’ 8.18m, and Jarrion Lawson’s clutch jump of 8.18 m got the vet on the team.

4. Cole Hocker defended his title from 2021 in an enthralling race! Yared Nuguse took silver, and Hobbs Kessler took the bronze.

The Thrill of Victory, Cole Hocker takes his second Oly Trials 1,500m title, June 24, 2024, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun.

5. While everyone was wondering if Quincy Wilson would make the team and how much Mike Norman would win, Quincy Hall delivered a PB of 44.17, Mike Norman, 44.41, and Chris Bailey, 44.42 PB. Quincy Wilson ran 44.94, his third time under 45 seconds in just 4 days!!!!!

Quincy Hall, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

6. In a crazy 800m, Nia Akins kept her calm, ran a PB of 1:57.36, and won the race. Allie Wilson slipped by Juliette Whittaker, who took silver and bronze. Athing Mu had fallen at 200 meters, and while an appeal was filed by Athing’s coach, USATF denied the appeal. Athing Mu, short on racing, was caught in the congestion of the field at 200 meters and will not defend her title in Paris.

Nia Akins wins 800m, with Allie Willson taking silver and Juliette Whitaker taking bronze, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun.

See you all tomorrow!


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