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This is Coffee with Larry for Monday, June 24, 2024.

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Our topics today:

(Reviewing Sunday, June 23)

1. 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, 2017, 2019 WC gold medalist Sam Kendricks called on his superpowers to go 5.92m, a meet record, in what he called excellent conditions, to take gold and lead the team to Paris 2024! Chris Nilson was silver at 5.87m, and Jacob Wooten was bronze at 5.87. All have the Olympic standards.

Sam Kendricks took gold at the Olympic Trials, setting new MR of 5.92 meters, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

2. Curtis Thompson won the Men’s javelin in 83.04m, with Capers Williamson, 79.57m for silver, and Donavan Banks the bronze in 79.19m.

Curtis Thompson won the javelin in a throw of 83.04 meters, photo by Chuck Aragon, for RunBlogRun

3. In an absolutely incredible Women’s 400m, Kendall Ellis won the 400m in 49.46m, a PB, showing all of her promise. In silver, Aaliyah Butler ran a PB of 49.71 and in bronze, Alexis Holmes ran a 49.78 PB.

Kendall Ellis takes the 400m in PB of 49.46! photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

4. An exciting Men’s steeplechase, where generations of steeplers changed, with Kenneth Rooks taking the gold in 8:21.92 and Matthew Wilkinson, 8:23.00, and James Corrigan in bronze in 8.26.78. None have the Olympic standard, but Rooks and Wilkinson rankings should get them to Paris.

Kenneth Rooks takes the 2024 US OT Steeplechase! photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

5. In an incredible ending to day 3, Noah Lyles took gold in the Men’s 100 meters, in a PB equalling 9.83. Kenny Bednarek ran 9.87 for a new PB in silver and Fred Kerley took bronze in 9.88 SB in third. Christian Coleman had the best start, but was caught first by Bednarek and Kerley, then Lyles sent by the field!

The medalist in the Men’s 100 meters, Fred Kerley (third), Noah Lyles (first) and Kenny Bednarek, (second), June 23, 2024, photo by Chuck Aragon, RunBlogRun,

6. What a night, 11, 800 paying fans as well!

7. And on top of that, the TV ratings for Sunday night on NBC network had 5 million plus viewers, the largest track audience in twelve years, per NBC commentator Ato Boldon!

Old TV model, courtesy of Pinterest

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