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This is Friday, November 10, 2023, for #CoffeeWithLarry, our daily podcast.

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1. John Nuttall, a top athlete as a junior and senior for #BritishAthletics, died suddenly this week in an announcement from his wife, Liz McColgan. John was 56.
2. John Nuttall was the 1989 NCAA Cross Country Champion, having matriculated at Iowa State.
3. John represented British Athletics in two world champs (93,95), five times at World Cross Country, made the semis of 5000m in the 1996 Olympics, and took the bronze medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

Liz McCoglan Nuttall’s announcement of the death of John Nuttall

4. As a junior, John Nuttall set a 3000m NR, which still stands, from 1985 when he won the English boys 3000m title at 8:10.5.
5. John Nuttall was married to Alison Wyeth, and they had two children, Hannah Nuttall and Luke Nuttall. Both are runners who John coached.
6. John has a stepdaughter with his second wife, Liz McColgan. His stepdaughter was Eilish McColgan.
7. After his running career, John Nuttall coached for UK endurance from 2003-2013 and then moved to Doha, Qatar, coaching at Aspire Academy and with his wife, Liz McColgan, where they coached the Doha Athletic Club.

Memorial note for John Nuttall from Liz McCoglan Nuttall.

8. Please keep John in your thoughts and prayers as well as his family.
9. The Dubai Marathon is on January 7, 2024.
10. A memorial run for John Nuttall will be held in Doha, Qatar at 5-6 Park, at 5 pm on November 12, 2023, local time.
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