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This is Coffee with Larry for Thursday, April 25, 2024.

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Our topics:

1. Drake Relays is this weekend, April 22-28, 2024,…/2024-drake-relays

2. The Penn Relays are this weekend, April 24-28, 2024,…/2/6/athletes-and-coaches.aspx
, and make sure you go by the JAMBAR booth!

3. Payton Otterdahl threw 22.59m in the Men’s shot put at Drake Relays.

4. The Bermuda USATF meeting is on Sunday, April 28. You can watch it on Still no starting lists.

5. The Second Diamond League meeting, Suzhou/Shanghai, is on Saturday, April 27. You can watch it on

Mondo Duplantis, Leichtathletik Berlin 04.02.2022
Saison 2021 / 2022
Foto: Lukas Schulze/camera4

6. World Relays are May 5, and Doha Dl is May 10; the season is upon us!

7. Here is my story on Xiamen; let me know your thoughts:…/eight-observations-on-the

Sha’Carri Richardson, USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix
Gold Label track & field meet
May 26, 2023, Los Angeles, USA, photo by Kevin Morris

8. Here’s Stuart Weir’s thoughts on Jack Buckner after an interview,…/thoughts-of-jack-buckner

9. Here’s the story from #SportsBusinessJournal on Michael Johnson announcing that he has secured $30 million in funding for his upcoming professional track league:…/michael-johnson

10. Here’s my story on Michael Johnson and his pro track league announcement:…/six-observations-on

11. 11. The adidas Adizero Road to Records is April 27, 2024; you can watch it Live (1:30 AM Central, 2:30 AM Eastern, 11:30 PM Pacific):

adizero Road To Records, April 27, 2024

12. The Drake Relays and Penn Relays are in full swing! We will provide updates tomorrow!

See you tomorrow on Coffee with Larry!