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This is the Coffee with Larry podcast for Monday, January 8, 2024.
1. This podcast is sponsored by Jambar, the organic artisan sports nutrition bar, which can be found at
2. Special thanks to Jenny Maxwell, a sports nutritionist who cofounded the entire sports nutrition category when she and her late husband founded PowerBar.
Jammin Jazzleberry, photo from JAMBAR
3. A 15 percent discount to new customers for Jambar on the site.
4. Watch for the Jambar Coaching Newsletter, which begins this coming Friday, January 12, 2024.
5. The Dubai Marathon, which we covered live remotely this weekend, was won by 2 debut marathoners.
Dubai 07/01/2024 Dubai Marathon 2024, Maratona di Dubai 2024 – Foto di Giancarlo Colombo/A.G.Giancarlo Colombo
6. Tigist Ketema won the women’s elite in 2:16.07 CR, and Addesu Gobena, who ran 2:05.01.
7. The 2024 Dubai Marathon was back to its original course and is now in year 23.
8. Astana Indoor Meeting on January 27, 2023, first world Indoor tour gold meet in Asia.
Astana Indoor Meeting Facility, Astana, Kazakhstan, photo from Official Astana Indoor Meeting
9. European Athletics Champs 2026 may move from Birmingham due to budget issues.
10. The Commonwealth Games 2026 does not have a home now, again due to sponsorship.
2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham, England, photo by Stuart Weir
11. One wonders out loud where IOC TV contracts will go after 2032!
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