A new name on the women’s discus winners’ list!

Sandra Perković won the women’s discus at the European Championship in Rome, and the pope is still a Catholic.  You heard it first on RunBlogRun.  The new name on the list is Elkasević – as she is now Mrs Elkasević.

She has previously been the European outdoor champion in

2010 Barcelona

2012 Helsinki

2014 Zurich

2016 Amsterdam

2018 Berlin

2022 Munich

I am sure she would have won in Paris 2020 had they not canceled it. Add to that Olympic champion in 2012 and 2016, two world titles, and five World Championship medals, and you can conclude that she is quite good at throwing a discus.

Sandra Perkovic, discus, photo by European Athletics

She said of her 2024 win with 67.04m,” This gold medal means a lot to me. Here in Rome, I won my seventh gold medal at a European championships, and as Rome was built on seven hills, I wanted to have a medal for each hill. It was an amazing crowd. Thanks to the Italians and also to the Croatians who came here to support me. And also the people from European Athletics who know how much it means to have seven consecutive wins in the discus throw, especially when the other girls are crazy this year. I came here ranked third, and now I am second best for the result, and I still have to work to have the best result in Europe. I hope that I will be in better shape in Paris to represent Europe in the right way.

Sandra Perkovic, silver, W discus, World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

“This year has been pretty stressful for me so far because I had big competitions in China and the US, very long trips. These European championships are held early in the year, in June. After Rome, we need to concentrate on Paris because we need to be in the right shape for Paris, for a medal, and for gold. Now I am done with the long trips, I am in Europe and have two more months to prepare for the Olympics. I am the European champion, so one gold for this season is done. This medal means a lot. I knew that I was the best one here and that I could throw far. But I am still a human, and I get a little nervous. It is not good if something does not go according to the plan. I opened it really well, and the second one was even better. 67.04 is my SB. It is emotional because this is my first medal for me and my husband under Elkasević, like there is a new girl in town. I won six under the name of Perković, and this is the first one for our family. And that gold goes to him”.

In 2021, Sandra Perkovic participated in a Magic Chef competition at the Golden Gala. Photo courtesy of Golden Gala.

Sandra is arguably the best discus thrower ever, but she is much more than that.  She is a super person.  I recall her talking to me about her passion for being a role model for young people in Croatia.  She served as a member of parliament in Croatia. I once arranged an interview with her after breakfast.  It was a technical interview on how to know a discus.  She arrived late and brought her breakfast with her.  She was so animated talking about how to propel the discus that her breakfast sat untouched. Some athletes would have canceled the appointment or come late – not Sandra.

This is a fun piece from 2021 by Stuart Weir on the Magic Chef herself, Sandra Perkovic, now Sandra Elkasević: 

Sandra Perkovic, the Magic Chef, wins the discus in Florence, story 4….