Week 2, Day 3, Recovery Week Two 

Today, take a 30-minute run or 45-minute walk.

This is the beginning of the second week of our two—to three-week recovery time. The idea is to get a physical, mental, and spiritual break. We read books, nap, goof off, and get outside and enjoy nature.

The workouts will be three days a week, and you can walk or bike to get you moving.

Athing Mu is the Olympic champion from 2021 and World Champion from 2022.

In Budapest 2023, Athing Mu led the Champs final but ended up finishing third. Athing was not a happy camper and finished her 2023 season with a win at the NIKE Pre Classic, setting a new AR of 1:54.97.

In 2024, Athing suffered an injury and could not compete until the first round of the 800-meter at the Olympic Trials.

In the finals, Athing was caught in the congestion of the 800-meter at the 200-meter mark, tripped, and fell. Athing got up and gamely chased the field, finishing in last place, her dream left on the track.

Athing Mu and Kate Grace chase Micheala Rose in the 800m semi-final, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

The Women’s 800-meter finals at the US Trials has had many falls, from Nia Akins in 2021 to Alysia Montano in 2016.

The 800 meters is a tough race, and its physical nature is part of the Trials history.

I spoke on BBC World Service about the Women’s 800 meters. I told them that Athing Mu falling was heartbreaking but that Nia had fallen in 2021, and the key was to finish in the top three. Athing will be back, and she will reach her dreams. It is just sad.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

A 30-minute easy run.

If you need something to do outside (it is hot today), walk 30 minutes early, ride a bike, or, best yet, take an easy swim and enjoy the day!