This is Saturday, January 6, 2024.

This is day six, Week One of RBR Winter Training.

Your workout today has some flexibility.

Some of your friends, in New England and New York, or the Pacific Northwest, might be racing indoors!

If you race,

Warm-up slowly, 2-3 miles easy, some stride outs, race 3k or 2 miles, then cooldown slowly, 2 miles.

If you are not going to race,

Warm-up slowly,

45-55 minutes on trails, keep it modest pace,

cooldown well,

get the wet clothes off and hydrate well.


Deep thoughts from Larry: Racing stress is good, just remember that at this time of the year, it is about some speed work, as the important races are in the late spring and summer. A 2-mile, an 800m, a long race, and a relay are good. Enjoy the beginning of the season!