This is Monday, September 25, 2023.

This is an easy day or a recovery day.

I learned this from the late Arthur Lydiard, who drilled into me the need for easy days. I would break up my runs on easy days into two very relaxed runs. The 1968 Olympic US marathoner Ron Daws, a Lydriard apostle, was my savior. I read his Self-Made Olympian (1972-RW Publications) and memorized his training plans.

As you begin to race now, your easy days are at a faster pace than in mid-summer, so stay aware and keep it mellow. I recall early summer at a 7-minute pace and late summer and fall 6 minutes on the long runs, which was moderate.

Keep it easy today! We will have a good workout tomorrow.

Your workout today: Warm-up, 45-55 minutes easy 6x150m stride-outs, cooldown

P.S. When Joe Mangan and I  coached at Foothill College, our decathlete was number 5 in cross country! Cross-country helps everyone!