The presser at the 2023 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix was one of the best pressers that I have seen anywhere at any meeting. Lots of great topical discussions and thought-provoking commentary. A well-emceed event by Geoff Wightman, commentator, coach, and keen observer of the sport. Well organized by Sandra Nel and  Michelle Sammett, the pressers gave the media much to write about. This is our third piece on the presser and this one concerns one of our newest stars, Trey Cunningham.

Grant Holloway, Trey Cunningham, NB Indoor GP 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

Trey Cunningham went pro during the USATF Champs last summer, signing with adidas. adidas now has the number 1 and number 2 110m hurdlers in the world, with Grant Holloway and Trey Cunningham.

On Saturday afternoon, Trey Cunningham will take on Grant Holloway and a stacked field at THE TRACK at new balance, the new home of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

The NB Indoor GP is now in its 27th year, and Trey Cunningham is one of the truly emerging stars of the sport featured in the event.

RunBlogRun did a far-ranging interview with Trey Cunningham. We had spoken with Trey at various meets in 2022 and found him great for a quick quote, and truly enjoyed his commentary and observations on the sport, the hurdles, and his desire to see just how good he can become.

Grant Holloway and Trey Cunningham, at the NB Indoor GP presser, photo by Star Gazer Pix

Trey Cunningham knows his event. He also, as a public relations major, knows how to communicate the vagaries of his event and the gray areas in our sport so that non-track fans can find a common ground. As Trey knows, bringing in more fans is key to his future and the future of the sport. He can also communicate the daredevil nature of the event and how a fall is just a misstep away.

After hearing Trey speak about the 60m and 110m hurdles, one thinks of a NASCAR race. The physicality of the event and the athleticism of the event are not lost on this fine athlete.

Trey Cunningham contemplating his answer to a question, NB Indoor GP, photo by Star Gazer Pix

Trey Cunningham was not a natural at the hurdles, but he liked the event and in high school really liked it. His success at the NCAA level attests for the interest of brands in his professional running and adidas is a good brand home for the young hurdler.

What do I like most about Trey Cunningham? He loves what he does, and is not afraid to communicate his deep thoughts, and his aspirations to be the best in the world. He and Grant Holloway are competitors in one of the toughest events in our sport, and they can play computer games remotely and make each other laugh on social media, but, in the end, they are competitors in arguably the most competitive event in track and field, the high hurdles.

Enjoy the interview, I know that I enjoyed chatting with Trey Cunningham. He gladly gave us time and he is a worthy interview. I want to speak with him again this season. Thanks, Trey Cunningham, and good luck.




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