On running is one of the most innovative companies in the running culture. Their On Track Nights, which will begin in May 2023. It is fantastic to see a series built around the idea of Night of 10k PBs, held in Highgate. I found this release and wanted our dear readers to stay informed on this fun new series. 



Zürich, Switzerland, January 23, 2023 – Following the great successes of On athletes at the highest international competition levels, such as the Diamond League, European and World Championships, the Swiss sportswear brand takes the next step in the world of athletics and announces its own global running event series, “On Track Nights”.

Set to begin in May 2023, the series will span three continents and five cities. The goal is to give a platform to elite, U-20, semi-pro, and passionate middle-distance runners to beat their personal bests, gather valuable points for World Championship and Olympic qualifications, and, most importantly, set the standard for a new kind of athletics event that brings its stars closer to the fans.

“We are a running brand at heart and with our Lightning programme, we have taken major strides in developing the fastest products for the very best runners of the world. The next big step is to provide new opportunities and a different kind of professional athletics event for athletes to race in“, says Olivier Bernhard, co-founder of On. “We know that race atmosphere is pivotal to performance, so we want to bring the fans and running community closer to the track and have them be part of the athlete’s journey to major championships.”

To build this new series, On is working together with local partners who have long-standing experience in hosting track races with a unique atmosphere. On Track Nights will kick off in Los Angeles (USA) with the Track Fest in early May, followed by the Night of 10k PBs in Highgate (UK), FAST5000 in Montesson (FRA), Track Night Vienna in Vienna (AUT) and will close out with a spectacular event in Melbourne (AUS) in the fall.

On running track nights, by ON running

These events are high-octane affairs that bring something new and different to the table and embody the ethos that On Track Nights aims for. They have their own unique local flavor but all champion a community-focused, festival-feel approach to racing.

“The series will become a place for personal bests, for top performances, addressing a genuine need from athletes to get to that next level. Local athletes will stand on the start line shoulder to shoulder with world-class talent. And we’re planning on offering a spectacular experience for everyone attending,” says Chris Becker, On Track Nights’ Europe project lead.

As well as the races, a key part of On Track Nights is the entertainment that will be provided for everyone who attends. Screening, interactive booths, recovery stations, food and beverage outlets, athlete appearances, and more are among the numerous activities that will be offered to visitors. The festival will be located inside and around the tracks.

The series will be open to the general public. Local programming and lineup will be communicated on On Track Nights official event page closer to the dates.



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