This is our video series, #FORSHOEGEEKS, and we are introducing the @brooksrunning #Cascade 16 GTX! Do not miss it! We will have a story posted on @runblogrun today on the shoe!
The Brooks Cascade 16 GTX is a rough-weather trail shoe. I like the feel and the comfort as I walk around in sub-zero cold weather, including snow and rain.
Brooks gets trail running, the brand has been an early adaptor of trail running. The Cascade has been a very popular shoe since its inception. The sixteenth edition of the Brooks Cascade shoe.
Brooks has been around since 1914, making running shoes since the 1970s. I recall the Brooks Villanova training shoe and the Brooks Villanova suede track spike, which I ran in during the 1975 track season.
The key to successful running shoes is building great ones, one evolution at a time. Brooks understands that small changes keep the supporters of a shoe happy and invite those curious about the shoe to try it.
Watch for our next update on the Brooks Cascade 16 GTX.
Thanks to Jazmine Graham for sending the shoes!
Special thanks for the Video to #StarGazerPix,



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