This is Sunday, February 5, 2023.

It was horrifically cold in Boston yesterday.

It may be like that in other parts of the country, so be careful in the long run.

If you can run loops, like 1-1.5 miles so you can get it if it gets worse, do it, but please dress well and

wear good winter running shoes. I have worn the Gore-Tex Brooks Cascade and love it and there is a similar Nike Pegasus.

Today’s workout: warm-up indoors, 70-75 minutes at a moderate, conversational pace, cooldown. In all honesty, pace in long runs develops as your fitness does. I would begin Summer training in college at 7-7.30 pace and two months later, 6-6.15s telling jokes was the way to truth and fitness. Relax on the long run days, just remember to hydrate, and keep a recovery day after the long run day!



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